My Wedding: The Ring

I wasn't sure about posting this because I really dislike when girls post pictures of their ring and tell all details about it. I see it on Facebook ALL THE TIME. But then I'm sure there are people like me who enjoy seeing the ring up close without finding out too much about the ring. So, for the people out there like me, who just want to see a pretty piece of commitment jewelry, this post is for you!

Andrew asked me to marry him and gave me this STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS and perfectly simple engagement ring. It is particularly special because when we had been dating for about a year we started talking about getting married (in the "someday eventually" sense not the "let's get this planned" sense). Every time I would tell him I had to ask him a question he would joke that I was going to ask him to marry me or vice versa and then he would send me a link to a beautiful solitaire round diamond ring. I always thought it was beautiful and I guess he realized that that after all these years it would be a perfect choice.
I love it and will wear it forever and ever. He was so sweet....after he put the ring on my finger and we sat down for a bit he mentioned that "I didn't have to worry about anything because it's insured." Does that mean he thinks I'm going to lose it?! Although he's not wrong in his worry since I lose everything (keys, phone, debit card, etc).
Needless to say, I'm loving seeing the stone flash and sparkle every time I look at it. Beautiful. 

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