Black and Yellow Take Two

After my last post was decidedly not as work appropriate as I had intended I wanted to figure out a way to use black and yellow in a very work appropriate and professional looking design. Have I succeeded? Honestly, I feel like you can get away with any color tip if you have a nude base. After all, it's literally the smallest bit of color. So I went with black as the tip and then added some yellow polka dots to jazz it up.
I'm wondering if I would have liked it better with a yellow tip and black dots. Maybe that'll be next up on my work nails!


  1. That last one really wasn't work appropriate? o.O I guess I'm really out of touch with what counts as safe for work nail polish. The one you have here is really nice too! :) Definitely another simple yet well executed design. :)

    1. I have no clue what's work appropriate--I just do my nails how I please and figure someone will call me out on it if they're ever too loud. I mean, I wouldn't show up to court in the other nails (these nails are fine I think). Thank you! :)


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