Cinderella Gradiant

Did I post these on the blog yet?? I seriously can't remember and they're in the file where I usually keep the ones for the post I am working on so I'm not entirely sure. To be honest, that file has gotten out a control because I keep painting my nails but I don't get around to posting them so now it's kind of full of photos I will be posting this week!
I used Sinful Colors Cinderella for the base of this gradient. I know everyone can appreciate my lack of gradient skills but this one kind of turned out ok!


  1. What lack of gradient skills? That looks great! :)

    Gradient fails are the easiest to cover up. All you have to say is "I meant to do that!". Works every time for me! ;)

  2. Your gradient skills are amazing hun :)
    I really love this manicure.. so lovely :)
    I have a file on my computer as well that is filled with manicures.. I´m having a hard time remembering when I wore them :D


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