Becoming a Two Time MOH

When S came home from Maine it was not even two days after she arrived that we were sitting on my couch sipping some wine and waiting on some delivery sushi to arrive. It was so nice to catch up with her, hear all about her wedding ideas, get the full engagement story, and learn how her time in Maine has been. However, it was even nicer when she handed me a little brown box with my name on the tag. I thought it was a trinket she brought home from Maine for me so boy was I surprised when it ended up being her asking me to be Maid of Honor in her upcoming wedding!
I couldn't wait to open the little box and see what was inside. It turned out to be a wine cork wrapped with a note. How cute was this presentation?? So adorable! And obviously perfect for their wedding because they got engaged in a vineyard!
The message inside was so sweet and perfectly reflected our friendship. Then the last line was the most important, and I had to take a photo to share here on the blog!
 Of course, I said YES! It's going to be so much fun!

Can you believe it's already been 2+ years since Steph asked me to be her MOH??


  1. this is so sweet nikki! congratulations! it's so perfectly written, so engaging, i love how you bring us into the story and into your life facts. the little message pic looks super cute and i imagine how magical of a moment this must have been! your words let us picture it in our minds. i'm sure you'll be a perfect maid of honor. you for some reason aleways remind me of this: :)

    1. Thank you lady!! I have a post that will end up needing to be back-dated since it was this was also her birthday this past weekend so we ended up making delicious food, drinking some wine, and having some video game fun.

  2. That is so incredibly wonderful and lovely :)
    I´m so happy for your friend and for YOU! :)
    Congratulations hun :)


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