What I got for Christmas: 2016

In reality, I'm an entirely too nosy person. I enjoy watching everyone's "What's In My Bag" videos, "What I got for Christmas/my birthday" videos, and reading all their haul posts. So, naturally, Christmas is a time to jump in on that, yes? Yes! So, here is what I got for Christmas 2016. This is not the best quality photo:
Too much! My family always spoils each other wayyy too much. From my parents I received a beautiful new crossbody bag (will come in handy for my upcoming honeymoon!), nail polish, a travel book on London (again, will come in handy for the honeymoon!), outlet adapters (lol, honeymoon again), and backup Nikon camera batteries (I now have three!). They also got me some toys (LOL) including a spirograph drawing kit and dueling RC tanks (which of course Andrew and I played with immediately). Sometimes you just have to act like a child again, am I right? They also got me this beautiful puzzle and storage thingy. You know how "completing a 1000 piece puzzle" is on my bucket list? Now I can get started with that!
Among the things my sister and brother in law got me is this fantastic blanket. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie (possibly tied with Mulan) so it was a perfect choice. I think I moved my camera too quickly after I took the photo so it's a little wonky but you get the picture! The colors are so vibrant and I just love that it's my favorite Disney movie!
My brother got me an equally thoughtful gift this year....a UV light for my gel polishes!
I can't wait to use it but honestly I'm a little intimidated by it. Obviously I'm not a professional nail technician over here and I think the instructions cautioned that only professionals should use it! Has anyone used one of these? What are the risks of using it when you have no idea what you're doing? Ahhh, I'll figure it out I guess! I'll definitely do a post about it when I use it.
Much like everyone else, Andrew was far too generous as well. He got me such a variety of gifts that I couldn't even attempt to guess what they were!
Among the gifts he got me was an adult coloring book and colored pencils. I'm excited because I feel like coloring as an adult is such a good, zen activity. It quiets the mind and you can just think about nothing.

He also gave me a pair of wireless headphones, nail polish, a professional grade whipped cream canister, and a fancy Swarovski pen (which I am now obsessed with).

I also got myself a few prezzies for Christmas:
Now you may be asking "What did you give for Christmas?" too. And here's that list:
My father and mother both received an ornament(s) of some kind, as well as a cozy new blanket for my mom and a new Sudoku daily calendar for my dad.

My older sister received a shredder. Now, before you start making fun of me for giving the absolute lamest gift ever...I was told she wanted one and she actually really liked it! I got my brother-in-law some rum from a local distillery and some truffles from their favorite truffle maker, Lindt.

Then for my younger broski I gave him his favorite Andes mints, a pair of pikachu pajama pants, and a third thing that I honestly cannot remember? Hmm, what was it?! This is going to drive me nuts now!

Finally, for my future husband, I gave him a Scrabble board, shoes, moleskine notebook, new dishtowels (the kid is weird, just kidding!), and some chocolate too.

So that's it! Catch you for my next post!

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