Thursday, January 1, 2015

15 Things for 2015!

If you've been a visitor of my blog for a while now, then you know the drill that happens at the end of the year here on the Files. I choose my Top 14 of 2014 around the end of January and then create a list of things I hope to do, accomplish, etc in the coming year. So, looking back at my 14 Things for 2014 post, let's see if I failed miserably or just missed a few! A few of them I will be carrying forward to 2015. I'm backdating this post because...ya know. 

14 Things for 2014
  1. Post at least 8 times each month. No "I'm busy" excuses! Hmmm, I failed 5 months...BUT a few other months had 14-15 posts so it as evens out ya know?! Of course there's that whole not-one-post-in-December thing
  2. Complete 18 swatches of new polishes. Not even close...only 3 swatches. How is that possible?!
  3. Wear the same color (but not specific polish) for a whole month and blog it. Ex: "Mauves all May" or "Maroons all March"...although that's way to specific so I'll have to do a more general "blues" or "purples" for a month instead. Totally forgot about this! Will carry it forward!
  4. Restart my Toetally Tuesdays posts. Nope. Failed.
  5. Complete a First Friday Favorites post every month. Lol, I need to stop thinking I will do this! Trying it for ONE MORE YEAR and then I will abandon it.
  6. Try a new design technique. I think I did do this this year!
  7. Bake more. What can I say? I like cookies... I made a few cake pops and I think a yeah I did this!
  8. Reach 100 amazing followers and do a giveaway to celebrate. Done and done! Totally awesome!
  9. Complete a nail design for every major holiday in the US. Nope, missed the last few. Will carry this through to 2015.
  10. Complete a cross-stitch project. I completed the one for Steph and Matt! Of course, I started another that is NOT finished. I'll blog about that later!
  11. Watermark all my blog photos. That's a huge undertaking...
  12. Buy a nail polish from the CoverGirl Hunger Games collection. I think I got the orange one!
  13. Visit Maine (to see my best college buddy!) this summer. Nope. I was working :(
  14. Last but not least, review this list January 1, 2015 and create 15 things for 2015. DID IT!
Alrighty, it looks like I failed miserably. That's ok though, that's what being a blogger is all about! Set some goals, miss them, and keep trying! In the spirit of thinking I will do are my 15 for 2015!

15 Things for 2015!
  1. Complete at least 10 swatches over the year.
  2. Update my list of nail polish to reflect some of my new polishes!
  3. Wear the same color family for an entire month.
  4. Complete a Friday Favorites post every month.
  5. Have a nail design for every major holiday in the US.
  6. Complete my current cross-stitch project.
  7. Survive the BAR EXAM!
  8. Maybe do a youtube video or tutorial or something.
  9. Keep on top of my Toetally Tuesday posts (at least 2 per month)
  10. STOP neglecting my blog!
  11. Use up all my random lotions and potions that are piling up in my bathroom.
  12. Have a guest post here on the files!
  13. Do a giveaway.
  14. Try a new design technique.
  15. Review this list and create a 10 Things for 2016! (16 would be ridiculous)

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  1. i always admire all that, i always tell to myself i will make resolutions but i never do, i also don't think it would be good for my mood if, as it is very likely to happen, i'd end up seeing i didn't do some, many or all of them. good job, always remember to pat yourself on the back!


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