Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another Liebster Award?! Yay!

I checked my blog this past Wednesday and to my delight I found that I was nominated for yet another Liebster award! The first Liebster award came in 2012 (blogged about here) and I couldn't find the other one (I think I may not have done a post about it?!) but I absolutely love these chain awards because they help introduce and share really amazing bloggers interested in the same thing as me. This most recent Liebster award came from the lovely Linziino! Thank you so much girl! Now onto the fun:

The rules: Once you're nominated, acknowledge the awesomesauce blogger that nominated you. (Thank you Linziino!) Write 11 random facts about you. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you. Nominated 11 new bloggers who have less than 200 followers and create a new set of 11 questions for them to answer. Share it with them!

11 Random Facts about Meee
  1. My toenails are polished 24/7 365. Oh wait, you all already knew that!
  2. I have a serious weakness for TV. Seriously. Anything anytime I will watch it. Infomercials? My fave. The Bachelor? Yes please. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills? I'm ashamed but yes. Mad Men? You bet. Gilmore Girls? Indeed! You get the picture.
  3. I cannot sing. At all. Ever.
  4. I'm the middle child in a family with three kids.
  5. I am OBSESSED with Paris, France. 
  6. I love Godiva truffles.
  7. I am absolutely spoiled by my boyfriend. (Quick note: Linziino and I are both dating men named Andrew. It's clearly the name for incredible men!)
  8. Speaking of boyfriend, I am obsessed with weddings ever since my sister got engaged.
  9. I will try any nail design or technique once.
  10. I will never have enough nail polishes in my collection. There will always be a color that I don't have.
  11. I am always drinking water. My water bottle is pretty much attached to my hand.
  1. How long have you been blogging for? About 4 years I think??
  2. What are you wearing on your nails right now? China Glaze Highlight of My Summer :)
  3. How many polishes do you own? I think I'm around 350. I'm over 300 for sure!
  4. How do you store your nail polishes? I store them by color in my Ikea Helmer that my boyfriend bought for me. For a more detailed description of my storage, check out my youtube video on the subject!
  5. Are you a morning person or an evening person? Evening all the way!
  6. Do you have a favorite brand of polish? China Glaze 
  7. What do you do for work?  Right now I am a student but I am also a law clerk for a solo criminal defense attorney that also takes cases in personal injury and contract. This summer I am switching firms and will be doing exclusively insurance defense litigation (hopefully I'm understand my car insurance policy after this!).
  8. Are you a book lover or a film fan? Film fan. Totes.
  9. Are you a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate drinker? Tea AND hot chocolate. Just not together at the same time!
  10. Describe your perfect holiday. Any holiday that includes presents! Just kidding. My perfect holiday includes family, board games, booze, and my boyfriend. Bonus points if presents are involved ;)
  11. What time is it right now? About 9 at night.
  1. If you could only paint your nails ONE color for the rest of your life what color would it be?
  2. Do you prefer necklaces, bracelets, or rings?
  3. What is your favorite design to do on your nails?
  4. What is the best place you have ever visited/traveled to?
  5. What is your favorite nail blog?
  6. How big is your family?
  7. What is your least favorite nail polish? Why?
  8. What is your favorite hobby (outside of nail polish of course)?
  9. Which is your favorite season (spring, summer, fall, winter)?
  10. What was the last polish you bought?
  11. What is your best feature?

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