Envelope please....100+ Follower Giveaway Results!

I was going to have a super long post with the winner of my giveaway at the very end but, in the off chance that you all are a lot like me, I realized many of you would just scroll to the winner announcement and I'd be mumbling on up here by myself. To save you from the scrolling (and me from mumbling up here to myself)....the winner is.......

Congratulations Mary!! I'm emailing you now to get your address and then I'll be sending these little babies out to you by next Friday! If you don't email me back by Wednesday, February 19th, I will select another winner!

Anyway, back to the mumblings: Thank you so so so much to everyone who entered my giveaway. I'm glad it got as much support as it did and I hope that all you fantastic giveaway participants will continue to offer feedback and suggestions even now that it's over. Something I will definitely do differently next time? I probably should have used Rafflecopter. With over 350 entries (I was hoping to break 400 once I saw how high it was getting!) and tallying all the different "bonus" entries, it took some massive time making sure all participants got the appropriate number of entries! I will definitely be using the Rafflecopter service when I reach 500 followers....or maybe my birthday....or maybe graduation....or maybe Christmas....or maybe I'll do a giveaway just cause I can! Who knows?!

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  1. Congrats Mary! Hope you enjoy your new polishes! :)


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