Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On Wednesday We Talk About Weddings: Venue Style

As you all probably already know from reading this here blog, my only sister got engaged (!) and we have been on the wedding planning journey ever since. From celebrating the engagement, to celebrating the engagement, to the Philadelphia Bridal Expo, to becoming her official Maid of Honor, to just cute wedding-appropriate nails, there's been no shortage of wedding manicures featured on this blog to commemorate the wedding planning process. Today's post is yet another wedding inspired manicure to celebrate the fact that.......*drumroll please*.......Steph and Matt have officially set a date AND booked a venue! For security and privacy reasons or whatever, I'm not going to disclose exactly where it is BUT it's a gorgeous country club near my hometown. I can so picture Steph's and Matt's wedding here, and I'm so excited that it's finally becoming "real" or whatever the proper word would be. See the photos below for a sneak peak! So, when is the big day you might ask??? 
Yes, in September 2015 my sister will be rocking a stunning (yet to be determined) white dress and her best buddy from college, her "to be" sister-in-law, and I will all be dolled up in bridesmaids dresses (yet to be determined) to celebrate the momentous "I do" moment. I can't wait to stand beside her as she becomes a "Mrs."!! Cheers to exciting times! 

The contract has been signed for a few months now but I couldn't settle on a design to feature with the post! I finally decided on nails that were inspired by the bottom picture (the exterior of the venue) and went with a white, gold and silver waterfall or gradient or catastrophe design. I shot this with two differnt lights because it changed what you can see with the colors. How do you like?
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  1. First off, congrats on the wedding! I bet it's a joyfull time to share among sisters with all the planning and shopping! The venue looks like the perfect wedding location for something big and edgy! I like the color combo on your mani and that you were inspired by the venue itself, and last pic shows its best, with the simplicity of a gradent. However I will have a look to your previous posts about that you mentioned here, because I didn't know your blog yet back then, and I'm not quite sure about this mani. Thing is maybe you should wait and see her gown, and match it with that, or with the bridesmaids dresses (your outfit). Also, with the almost textured sparkles this mani looks a little bit "rough" for the event. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be bitchy and criticize it, I really like it, but I'd go for something neater and lucid shiny polished, or with organized simmetrical designs, just so it would show off and stand out even from far away and from a general point of you on your complete look, even in pics. But that's just my unexpert opinion and you need to feel at ease and love what you wear, so I'm with you no metter what. This mani by the way is totally cute and classy!

    1. I appreciate the feedback! Luckily these are just designs to commemorate the process and aren't the actual wedding day nails. The nails done for the actual wedding will be chosen by Steph and will probably be done professionally (unless I can talk her in to saving money and just letting me do them!). I agree these are too much for a wedding though!


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