Toetally Tuesday: Feels Like the First Time

Today's Toetally Tuesday post is a repeat of the design I used for the first ever Toetally Tuesday post here on The Files (see the first Toetally Tuesday post here). I have to say I think I did it better the first time! I love China Glaze Carribbean Blue because of how pretty it is with its hint of shimmer and all that jazz but I changed up the red (bad decision) and it can out even darker than the original. Sheesh. I also changed up the line to be silver instead of white (another bad decision). And I'm not exactly sure what happened with my little toes...they look a mess!! I think this one goes in my "not my favorites" bin. As always though, I share the good, bad, and ugly so I had to post them.
An aside: I'm not sure what color that carpet looks in this picture but I can tell you with certainty that it is NOT the accurate color of the carpet in my apartment.


  1. i like the top part of the nail in this version better, but I enjoy the horizontal white line in the former one a lot, so I'd put it here too. Talking about unproperly captured colors..story of my blog..

    1. Ahhh I hear ya! I prefer the white line too!


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