Sunday, January 12, 2014


Ok all, this is NOT a serious post. It's just something I found...interesting.

I was looking on the Zoya website for three colors that I simply HAD TO HAVE (because they're doing their 3 Free promo) and one color in particular made my eyebrows raise. Now, I'm a Miley Cyrus fan all around (don't hold it against me if you're not). Old Miley, New Miley, doesn't matter to me. And I know there are other girls named Miley in the world, too, but when I saw the shade that Zoya picked to name "Miley" I sort of just laughed. I mean, pastel purple? Really?

I mean, what about the Miley (on the left) has you thinking hmmm, pastels, yes? I would expect a more vibrant red or gold or even something with like shimmer, glitter, hex glitter, or something like that in it. Where's the WOW factor? I know Zoya didn't make this polish specifically for Miley Cyrus or even with Miley Cyrus in mind but, because Miley Cyrus is the only Miley I know of, she's the one I thought of when I saw it and the color just doesn't fit. I have both Zoya polishes named Nicole and Nikki (my names, obviously) and they are pretty fitting shades for me and my personality.

Either way, you go Miley. Keep doing your thing!

Now, the serious part of this post: Turns out I probably won't be purchasing Zoya polishes this time around. The shipping is super expensive ($12, although they also raised their polish prices to $9-$10 each so I guess it's still a good deal after all) and I just can't seem to find any polishes that simply MUST be added to my collection (did I just say that?!).

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  1. I also thought of Miley Cyrus before I clicked on this blog post. I agree, I don't see it fitting her personality or style, not sure what other Miley they could have thought of when creating this... unless, they have a friend named Miley that they wanted to make a shade for?


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