Swatch: Color Club Cosmic Fate

Hi all, it's time for my first legit post of 2014. I'm going to start this year's posts with a swatch post of Color Club Cosmic Fate, an absolutely INCREDIBLE and GORGEOUS holographic with a peach-pink base. I only have one other holographic polish, China Glaze DV8, so I was so excited to add more holos to my collection. Yes, I say more holoS (plural) because...well you'll know at the end of this post. Every time I catch this nail polish in the light I think of the Skittle commercials "Skittles, taste the rainbow."

Is that not insane? Look at all the colors you can see in that picture. It is the rainbow. Seriously. There's greens, blues, silvers, purples, oranges, yellows, etc.

Color Club as a brand might be moving up in my rankings of favorites after this polish. 

Also, because I'm so close to getting 100 followers (*Yay!*) I'm deciding on what I should giveaway to celebrate. I saw the Holo Hues collection from Color Club on Amazon and I decided to buy these six. From left to right they are: Kismet, Cosmic Fate, Eternal Beauty, Miss Bliss, Over the Moon, and Beyond. I think they are gorgeous and holos were a huge trend this year so I'm purchasing a second set for my giveaway. I'm either going to have one winner that gets them all, six winners that get one polish each, or two winners that get three polishes each. We'll have to see when I hit 100 followers! If you can, tell a buddy of yours who is interested in polishes about my blog and then I can get this giveaway rolling!! I'm so excited to finally be doing a only took 3 years, haha.
I only need four more followers!


  1. Aren't they?! I'm so excited to do this giveaway!

  2. this is the first chocolate holo i see..lovely!


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