Graduation Nails!

Hey everybody! Graduation is coming up on SATURDAYYYY!!! Wahoooo! Also, in an amazing trick of scholarly awesomeness and academic success: I have received all As for this semester! That's right: 5 classes. 5 As. 4.0 GPA for the semester. BAM! I'm so ecstatic! And I'm talking REAL classes not a mix of 2 hard classes with 2 gym classes or easy crap. I'm talking 5 legit classes (minus Sign Language maybe but really I totally count it!)

Here are my graduation nails for Saturday morning: I hope they stay nice! Our school colors are blue and gray so I thought this could be simple but still fitting.
Class of 2012 baby!!!

EDIT 9/2012: There's nothing like photo evidence right?


  1. omg congratulations Nikki!!! im so proud of you :) straight A's are no joke! your mani came out beautiful <3


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