I know this is totally out of character for me since I have kept this blog strictly nails galore for the most part BUTTT I have some exciting news :) I celebrated 2 years with my adorable boyfriend April 24th! Unfortunately, I had to wait to actually celebrate until I got to see him this past weekend but still...totally worth it. This photo is where we officially became a couple! Yes, I say "officially" because he literally asked me to be his girlfriend. I know, he's old school...and I love it! This picture is an overlook near the college and since he's into nature and being outside and all those shenanigans (just kidding) I took him there once. He really liked it so we went there again and apparently that's where he thought it would be best to ask me to be his girlfriend. Thinking back on it now...it may be a good thing I said yes! :) Being that we were in a cliff...it could have ended pretty badly ;) Just kidding! Anyway, every April 24th since 4-24-2010, he has asked me to let him be my boyfriend for longer. Of course, I always say yes! I love him so much <3

Don't mind the picture behind it at the top. I always crop these in paint and I obviously didn't pay enough attention to the borders on this one. Ugh!

And how beautiful are these roses? Andrew surprised me with them when he came from the train station. 24 roses for 24 months! I wonder how long he'll match the roses to the months...that has to be expensive! I love my boyfriend so much =)
And a picture of us....just for good measure:
Now you got to know the Nikki behind the nails a little bit. 

See look, I'm more than just Miss Manicures over here!


  1. Aww honey! This was so cute to read! I really wanted to know more about you, and obviously about him, since we've talked about how much you love your sweetheart, and now I got to see him, I was browsing your blog and tadaaa! Well he looks like a super nice guy, and he also sounds like so: how romantic should a guy be to ask you to be his every anniversary and to give you one rose more every year? oh i'm old school too and i'd love that, i also like things to be official and clear and to receive love words so i'm so much into the fact that he asked you to be his gf! finally we also get to see something of you, not much though, but you seem so cute and sweet, goodlooking and fresh!
    may your love last forever <3

  2. Thank you Ghila!! I think this was the first time I talked about something other than manicures on this blog (maybe not though). I'll probably do an updated one coming up on 4-24-2014 just because I'm sure we've changed a lot. Or no, I'm pretty sure we haven't changed at all. Still, I'll do a mani anyway so I think I'll include an updated photo!


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