A very merry Christmas

For Christmas this year, my aunt in CA spoiled us with tonnnns of stuff. It included stuff for birthdays and the holidays so it was seriously a whole fiesta in a box and I couldn't help but want to do a blog post to thank her! Remember a little bit ago I did this post saying I wanted to learn how to cook/bake (and yes, I still blame Ina Garten for that)? Well, my aunt reads my little blog here and found the most amazing cupcake liners/cupcake book to help me on my way to being major competition for Ina Garten. I can't wait to bake some cupcakes! However, until then I decided to do a cupcake liner inspired manicure as a big "Thank you!" to family in California.

My inspiration: the goodies of course! How awesome are these? 

The manicure(s):
But seriously, don't you just want to gobble this cupcake up?
And by the way, how adorable is this wrapping paper? Maybe this is another nail design inspiration in itself!
So, one more time, I'd like to say a giant THANK YOU to Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins for spoiling me with such fantastic goodies. Thank you thank you thank you. (PS I graduate in May....shall you be visiting?? I mean, it is about time! =D )


  1. I love your nails! Especially the green ones. And I love cupcakes! lol

  2. Thank you ChromaCraze for stopping by and for commenting! I love cupcakes too!

  3. I knew those patterns were going to end up on your nails! They look amazing! I'm glad you liked all the goodies. I don't think it can be considered "spoiling" though when everything was so pathetically late! Oh, and yes...a visit is in your near future! Happy Baking!


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