Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toetally Tuesday #15 - Works of art and strawberry tart!

While watching Food Network today (Barefoot Contessa to be exact) I was taught how to make a Strawberry Tart Ina Garten style. Mmmmm, just look at the picture! Does that not look delicious? I've made it one of my goals for this summer (when it finally starts in about 2 months) to learn how to cook. We'll see how that goes, especially since I'm pretty sure our oven is broken right now...

Picture of Strawberry Tarts Recipe
...oh well, onto my tootsies, a real piece of art: strawberry toes! Yes, they were inspired by the delicious strawberry tarts that had my mouth watering and my car keys calling my name to go to Giant and buy some.

I used OPI Ali's Big Break as the base for the strawberry, Color Club Art Club in Green for the strawberry tops/stems/whatever, and then Orly Liquid Vinyl for the seeds. 
Please, refrain from eating my toes! However, the strawberry tart is all yours to consume!

Oh and also, a couple other things to throw into this post: Sarah, a friend of mine and *future apartment-mate*, has a wedding in JAMAICA for her sister in May. I know what you're thinking and I agree, she's so lucky! The bridal shower is being held this weekend (my apologies if somehow her sister has discovered this blog and now the secret is ruined) and Sarah has asked me to do her nails! Since the wedding is beachy/tropical/what have you I was thinking sunset, palm trees, ocean, sand type nails. Here are two choices, how does everyone feel about either one for the manicure? Choice one is the two nails on the left and choice two is the two on the right. Both have the same idea...but different colors.
And lastly, 32 followers?! Amazing! I'm thinking of doing my very first give away once I hit 50 (if I hit 50, of course) followers. Who'd be up for that? And hmmm, what to make the prize?!


  1. Your strawberry toes are adorable! I'm a huge Ina Garten fan, you should try her cupcake and lemon bar recipes...they are delicious!

    And my vote is for the pink version on the right.

  2. Cute strawberry toes! I'd love to dunk 'em in chocolate. Just kidding!

    I vote for either of the palm tree designs.


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