12 Things For 2012

Happy New Year's everyone! I hope everyone's 2011 has been filled with good times, good food, happy memories, and, most importantly...many manicures! Last year I worked on creating a list of things to do. Shall we reflect on that maybe?

11 Things for 2011
  1. Save money. No idea what for though, I'm thinking my 21st birthday, a trip to Paris, a new TV, nail polishes. Check! I had a fantastic 21st birthday, gotten a new TV, and bought many new polishes. No trip to Paris but I'm working on it.
  2. Continue to do well in my undergrad courses and be a strong law school applicant this fall (ohh that sounds really soon *grabs LSAT practice book and starts studying*). Check! I even have been accepted to TWO law schools already!
  3. Get better at Black Ops. Ok don't laugh just yet-- I have a thirteen year old brother who plays nothing but that game and I never play it so then when I decide to go against him..he always kicks my butt! Just once I'd like to beat him! Working on it!
  4. Plan/Have an amazing 21st birthday in an amazing location with my sister/family (She LOVES planning vacations and stuff and we're thinking Vegas/Miami/New Orleans/a cruise). AHHH SO EXCITING! Nope we didn't get to do anything overly fantastic but I did get to spend a night in AC with my boyfriend celebrating my 21st birthday. Vegas/New Orleans can wait.
  5. Use EACH of my polishes for the base of a design. I'm working on it.
  6. Swatch EACH of my polishes. Carrying this one over too.
  7. Eat healthier and exercise more. Ok so I really enjoy being fit (I was a gymnast for thirteen years) and I really enjoy working out...I just don't anymore. And as far as eating goes...I eat like most people my age do--horribly. I hope to make yoga, working out, and eating healthier legit habits in 2011.  I think I did pretty well here. Too bad you're never done eating healthy and exercising. I'll keep working on it.
  8. Dress better. Ok, not that I dress horribly but seriously I love the way my sister dresses. Of course, I've walked the "copycat younger sister" path basically all my adolescent life so I'd like to NOT do that now. She does dress really cute though. Check!
  9. Keep my room organized for longer than 6 days. I feel like I have to organize it at least once a week to prevent all out havoc. Complete! I loooove organizing. My room looks incredible.
  10. Watch all my movies at least once since, like my nail polish collection, my movie collection is a tad...enormous. Done!
And last but not least, my 11th To-Do: Finish everything I start, whatever it might be. Right now I'm looking at a cross-stitch project I started last Christmas that I've been working on the last week. That will be the first unfinished business to be completed! Nope, still haven't finished that cross-stitch project! Ha. I think I'll spend the next two weeks working on it.

12 Things for 2012
1. Go on a vacation. I'm talking about an actual vacation: a few days down the shore, a trip to Maine, camping, etc.
2. Use each of my polishes.
3. Swatch each of my polishes.
4. Move out of my parents house (if possible and practical to do so).
5. Finish that cross-stitch project.
6. Graduate from undergrad! (and start law school!!)
7. Run more. I started going for runs during the semester and I'd like to do that more. Maybe even run my first race (outside of my track days). A 5K perhaps?
8. Stretch more and become more flexible.
9. Complete some nifty crafts (for example: photo coasters like these)
10. Fix my radio in my car.
11. Buy a Nook Tablet or iPad or something similar. 
And the last and biggest thing I'd want to do: #12. RELAX. I get so worked up sometimes about things and I'd like to just chill out and roll with the punches more. Sometimes I can be really uptight. Let's work on that.


  1. Happy new Year, Nikki! Love your list!

  2. Happy New Year Aunt Les! I was so hoping you still checked up on this blog! I'm working on something special....make sure you check back again!


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