Throwing Hatchets: A New Pastime

In an effort to prepare for the impending Zombie Apocalypse a group of friends and I all went hatchet throwing. Just kidding. We weren't preparing for an apocalypse but we were having a nice night out and trying something new that ended up being a ton of fun. It all started with my buddies coming over for a raclette feast and to see our new house (which they liked a lot!) and then we moved on to hatchet throwing.

We went to a place called Chopper's Hatchet House, which is possibly the best name ever for a place like this. It was a bunch of alleys with target circles separated by chain link fencing. We were given some instruction and then the games began.
It took me a few attempts before I got it (as I learned it's not about how hard you throw, it's about throwing with the same force from the proper distance) but after that I ended up getting a few bulls eyes!

We also found glow stick hatchets...which made amazing props for our group photo...
He was so serious about his hatchet throwing. For a good reason I guess, he had the highest score of all our games. But I wasn't too shabby either! I ended up in second place for the straight games! Our buddy won the "tournament" part. 

So, have you tried hatchet throwing? Would you try it? What's a new pastime you have tried recently?

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