Celebrating Our First Wedding Anniversary + Sneak Peak of Our Trip to Italy

It is so surreal to be writing this post right now. All at once it feels like the wedding was both just yesterday and a full year ago. So I wanted to share some new photos that I didn't include in my wedding recap post because hey, any excuse I have to share some photos of the day makes me so incredibly happy.
For our first wedding anniversary we decided to celebrate with a trip to Italy. Of course, we also did the traditional cake-eating and paper gifts which I will share in another post but for now let's focus on Italy. We started planning our "Adventures in Italy" or "Italy Tour 2018" (as I called it) last December and it's insane that now the trip is behind us and we flew back home yesterday night. We spent two weeks traveling through a variety of cities--do you recognize any of the cities from the photos above??--and getting away from work for two weeks was heaven. I can't wait to share more details of our trip and maybe some advice for anyone interested in planning a first (second, third, etc) trip to Italy or to any of the specific cities/attractions we did.

I also have a bunch of nail polishes from my Ulta Haul before the trip that are Italian-themed so I'll definitely be mixing those in with the recap posts. Prepare for some Italy overload! I'm so excited to have something to blog about again.

Did you have a chance to go away this summer? Any big trips or weekend getaways?


  1. Oh my, is it a year already? It seems you were writing about it just a few days ago :)
    I can totally relate to the happy feeling when talking about my wedding day, or showing pictures, even after more than ten years!

  2. I know! It's crazy how time really does fly in the blink of an eye! And ten years is inspiring! Congratulations to you!


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