Swatch: Essie Knee High Life

My sister gave me this nail polish as a random gift one day and I am so thankful she did because not only is the color absolutely gorgeous BUT the name is totally awesome. We both went to an all girls private high school when we were younger and that came with a uniform, including knee highs. So I guess you could say we really did live the "knee high life" like this polish is named.
This polish is a really pretty berry/wine type color. It has an excellent formula and dries well.
And here is a photo of the infamous uniform....with knee highs of course! Turns out that after you graduate your private school uniform becomes a perfect go-to Halloween costume. Haha.
Check out those knee highs. And yes, Husband was Charlie Brown. Lol. Also say hello to some of my college buds!

I'm so glad it's Wednesday. This week has been so busy running from courthouse to courthouse. I didn't even make it to the office on Monday or Tuesday. And tomorrow is going to be the same. Can it be the weekend already?? At least the weather is nice so I can finally go for a run outside! How is your week going?

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