Spring Shopping List: Athletic Wear

This post is kind of out of character for this blog BUT I figure why not??

I can't remember if I mentioned this yet on the blog but, if not, I have signed up for a Tough Mudder Half race in May! Luckily, I signed up along with my brother and my brother-in-law who will helpfully be able to lift me over the obstacles. But anyway, I needed to do an overhaul of my athletic wear for my "training" for the race. Hah! So I started online shopping at various places for not only "training" gear but also to try to decide what to wear for the actual Tough Mudder race. By far my favorite clothes have come from Target, Old Navy, Nike, and UnderArmour. And what do I notice today? A sale!
Uhm, yes please! I'm thinking of purchasing these babies:
Because those polka dot pants are ADORABLE--though I'm not sure about the high waist/drawstring thing. And can you ever have enough sports bras? I mean they won't be good options for running (I need SUPPORT do you hear me??) but I love the pink color and the multicolor stripe design. And that muscle shirt just makes me laugh. I don't think I'm fit enough for the whole workout-slogan-gear yet but it's so cute!

Does anyone know what to wear for a Tough Mudder? I know you're not supposed to wear anything you like because, well, mud, but I don't have any good moisture-wicking options and I have read that that is required for comfort during the race. Any ideas?? Looks like I have more shopping to do.


  1. The clothes in those pictures look amazing. I liked the black sports bra, but the slogan printed top is the best of the lot. I’ve always loved tops with these kinds of slogans, have a few in my wardrobe too. They usually have a lot of those kinds of shirts at the nearby store from where I usually purchase my workout leggings as well.

  2. Hi Gianna, I completely agree! The black sports bra is my favorite too! And thank you for the link--I have some shopping to do!


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