Weekly Roundup: Food + Fitness

Ughhh. This week I contemplated not even putting up a Weekly Roundup because I have been sick. And it wasn't the...
...kind of sick. It was the can't focus, can't think, body pain, fever, sore throat, coughing, no voice, knock out cold that had me thanking my lucky stars that I don't have any kids. Seriously, how do moms do it?! I can't remember the last time I was sick like this. 13 years ago?? Anyway, because my husband can fend for himself I was able to curl up in bed and just focus on getting better--and that's exactly what I did. He was so sweet though and did act as caretaker when it was really bad. I guess we did take that "in sickness and in health" vow. Glad to know he'll stick to it! Lol.

I first started getting sick on Sunday morning which kind of sucked because it was Easter and all and I was visiting with family. Not that I let it stop me. I came in second in the Adult Easter Egg Hunt (don't mock me) only because of a certain fall and my sister stealing THREE of my eggs. LOL. But when we left I had a massive headache, fever, and chills all at the same time. I went right to bed and then worked on and off from home over the next two days. Food and fitness just wasn't a priority this week. But I will share some highlights, because consistency is key to establishing a blog serious, right?

To be honest, most of my meals looked like this:

Yep, LOTS of tea consumed over here this week. On the plus side, the tea I was guzzling was imported to the United States from England's Fortnum & Mason store where Husband and I had our tea tasting during our honeymoon. It had the authentic taste and transported me right back to London so it was a really nice (and tasty) way to distract myself from the nastiness I was feeling physically. And I got to break out my rarely used high school mug, so that was nice. I could live at Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly if they'd let me. I have a major obsession with their "hampers" but I won't buy one because they are so expensive and I can't imagine the importing would go very well.

As for meals, I honestly can't remember what I ate when over this week. I know that one of the nights I had some leftover Easter ham and mashed potatoes, which were delicious. We also grilled up some burgers (tonight) which has me soooo excited for summer. I cannot wait for summer cookouts, barbecues, and just grilling various dinners and hanging outside. Obviously it's too cold to grill in the winter so I'm super excited that the weather *should* be getting nicer. Any day now...
Husband is such a good doctor. He obviously knew I was sick and he surprised me with the "Doctor's Orders" AKA matzo ball soup and potato latkes. I neeeeed to learn how to make matzo ball soup. It is so delicious. I don't care that I'm not Jewish. Whoever said chicken noodle soup is the sick soup was wrong. Matzo ball soup is so much better.
And because I was too lazy to pack lunch this week I did stop at Chik Fil A after my doctor's appointment on Wednesday. When Husband saw the Chik Fil A bag all I could say was "I'm sick" and duck under the covers. Such clean eating, right??

As for Fitness, if you count burrowing under covers, coughing excessively, and walking from the bed to the couch as a workout then I worked out A LOT. If you don't think those things qualify (you'd be right), then I did a whole lot of nothing.

I'm not 100% back to normal yet--I still have a decent cough--but my throat feels like it is functioning again so I'm hoping to get to the gym this week just to do a slow jog. I didn't need to get sick this month. My tough mudder is in like....a month! I need to be training! Lol.

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