Swatch: Sinful Colors Alfresco

Am I the only one looking forward to dining "al fresco" (which is fancy pants speak for "eating outside") during the nice spring/summer weather? I am dreaming of the day we grill up some kabobs, kick back with a raspberry/watermelon girly drink, and just relax. And this nail polish might just be perfect for those comfy summer nights outside enjoying company of friends and family. This is Sinful Colors Alfresco, a stunning blue polish which is as breathtaking in photographs as it is IRL. Look at that vivid color!
I'll admit it. I think Sinful Colors is hit and miss. But this polish is a big big big hit. Some Sinful Colors polishes take too many coats to cover visible nail line and lack the saturation I crave but this one is a gorgeous creme. To me, a good polish is all about the formulation.
This is from the Sinful Colors "Sinful Shine with Gel Tech" 2 step gel line and I think it's the only one I have in my collection. Obvi, that needs to change immediately because I cannot say enough good things about this color. The formula is so good, it went on even in 2 coats, it dried quickly, and it has that signature gel shine finish without the whole I-now-have-to-soak-my-nails-in-100%-acetone-for-2-hours removal thing. I'm a big big fan. Huge. In fact, I may have 8 more nail polishes in my online cart right now. Okay, okay, I have 11. Don't judge me.
I don't actually have the Sinful Colors "Step 2" top coat for this line but I used the top coat I got in my OPI Infinite Shine set instead. I didn't notice any issue so I think it's fine to mix and switch brands.
Worked like a charm and the nails looked great. Of course I topped the gel top coat off with Seche Vite for the quick-drying quality. Does anyone else notice that gel top coats take foreeeeever to harden (for the brands where you don't use a curing light)? Seche Vite cuts down on that dramatically so you can get on with your day that much faster. And when you're a busy gal (or guy), quick is the name of the game.
Stunning. And for $2.99? You can't beat it! I love really vivid polish and this might be my new favorite for the coming months. I'll have to see if it wears better/longer since it has that gel tech in it!

Have you ever mixed base, color, and top coat brands before? Ever had a problem with it?

Can you believe it's already Friday?! This week FLEW BY.


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    1. Thank you Sony!! It's one of my favorites right now for sure. I have to buy more Sinful Colors polishes.


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