Weekend Recap: Part Two - Bridal Shower

My sister and I spent the night in New York City but then I had to hustle back home on Saturday morning to set up for my buddy's bridal shower. After so many months of planning and keeping ten bridal party members in line we were finally able to pull it off. As you all know from my engagement post, my buddy S and her fiancee (such a fancy word!) are getting married this May and I am her Maid of Honor. They have ten girls and one boy (A's brother) in their bridal parties. A's Maid of Honor ended up getting pregnant and dropping out of the wedding but another girl took over as Maid of Honor for A's side so it was all good and swell. The theme for the Bridal Shower was Harry Potter because they both love Harry Potter. These were the invitations:
I had the invitations custom made at CatPrint.com. As an aside, can I just briefly say CatPrint is the MOST amazing company to work with? They let you custom design anything  you want, they will send you a hard copy proof and help you make it exactly as you want, and their prices and shipment/delivery times are seriously unbeatable. I bought about 45 custom made and high quality invitations WITH envelopes included for a total of $40! Did I say CatPrint was fantastic? They are! I highly highly recommend CatPrint to anyone who needs invitations or stationary of any kind. Ok, back to the shower now.

Because the theme was Harry Potter, the decorations we all Harry Potter-esque. For example, we had a banner made that said "Muggles to Mrs" hanging above the gift table.
We also incorporated the theme into some of our DIY items. For example, we wrapped the silverware in the various Hogwarts houses:
Had floating candles above where the guests were eating. You know, like the great hall in the Harry Potter movies and all. This isn't the best photo of that's ok.
And then we also had games for guests to play while at the shower. Guests were asked to write down a favorite memory so the girls could guess who it came from. Guests could also write down a recipe for the girls.
The shower was s surprise and I think we pulled it off.
The gift for the girls came from the bridal parties as a group and included a pretty wooden sign saying their names and wedding date...
 ...we also got them necklaces too. From these faces the girls were very pleased!
Of course we had to take some photos with the bow bouquet/bow hat made from all of the ribbons off the shower gifts. This is Sarah's bridesmaids (me on the end).
 and Alysia's.
Everyone had a great time and the girls were so appreciative. I have to be honest, I had a great time and I loved watching the girls enjoy themselves BUT I am so glad it's over. One more thing off the list! Now there's only a couple months left until we celebrate this magical bride to be!
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  1. hey girl! what's up? sorry for being away. i now will try to get up to date with your posts, but all this bridal shower thing sounds like super fun! we don't do such things over here. please check your inbox, i just sent you an e-mail suggesting a swap! xx

  2. We don't really have something like a bridal shower over here, so I never had one... but I want one after the fact now that I see how much fun you had :)


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