Let's Netflix and Chill

It's Friday (hooray!) and after a looooong week this post is literally the most perfect post to do. Recently I was contacted by Adore Me and asked to describe my perfect "Netflix & Chill" night here on The Files. You probably recognize that company name from their television commercial -- a matching bra and panty set for $25?! Yes, that one. Anyway, they pose a good question....what is my perfect Netflix & Chill night?

For me, it's not truly Netflix and Chill unless I'm wearing something comfy.  I'm all about that tee shirt bra! Throw a soft set of pajamas on top and I'm ready to chill. But if you're Netflix and chill night is a bit more oh la la they have a great line of lingerie for you to try.

My favorite part comes next -- the food! Depending on the time, I'd either be noshing on some Chinese food (chicken chow mein, anyone?) OR a delicious bowl of popcorn. Yes, I can be pretty traditional when I netflix and chill!

And what am I watching on TV? Hmmm, that's difficult to answer. If I'm by myself I'm watching the new E! series The Arrangement or The Royals. It's seriously addictive! Or perhaps Outlander on Starz. But if I'm watching with my fiance it's likely Billions on Showtime or Mr. Robot on USA.

So, we've got our chill clothes, food, and shows. There's only one last thing.....the blanket!
Image result for animal fur blanket
I loooove these luxurious blankets. They're so soft and cuddly. I'd definitely wrap myself up in one of those! We'll have to register for one on our wedding registry! But seriously, they can be SO expensive. Definitely a luxe treat.

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