Weekend Recap: Ariana Grande Concert

This past weekend was eventful in all the best ways! First, on Friday I ditched work early to head up to New York with my sister for the Ariana Grande concert. My supervising partner wasn't at the office and I jut waited until all counsel had gone to lunch or were otherwise busy before slipping out the door. I met my sister at the train station and off we went!
Double decker train! My broski would be so jealous! Once we made it to the city we headed to our hotel room. I booked us at The New Yorker since it's a landmark and icon of a hotel. I can't say it was my absolute favorite hotel ever but hey it was built in 1918 and we were only in the room to sleep...so it did the trick.
Not a bad view!
We ended up at the cutest little restaurant called Bella Vita, obviously Italian! I had the most delicious chicken, eggplant, and mozzarella panini...yummm!

After dinner we went in search of some treats. Every time we go to the city we end up buying Baked By Melissa (which you might remember I incorporated into her bridal shower as favors) and macarons. Before the concert we stopped at Baked By Melissa and then also Paris Baguette. At Paris Baguette we bought the most delicious chocolate mousse cake, which we in ever the New Yorker style took to Central Park to devour. We sat, watched people in Central Park, and watched the city lights start to come on.

We also ended up purchasing some macarons the next morning so I'll input a photo of those drool-worthy treats here...

Then it was time to get changed and head to the Ariana Grande concert. The concert was at Madison Square Garden, which we've never been to before and I have to say it was a fantastic venue. Our seats were in the second level and was off to Ariana Grande's left. Her opening acts were Victoria Monet (who danced more than she sang) and Little Mix (who we are now obsessed with). We waited about two hours for Ariana Grande to take the stage but it was worth the wait. We may have felt a little old in the crowd (most people were probably teens and tweens with their parents...but it was all good). We like her music and it was a fun night out!

Overall, the concert was okay. Ariana Grande seemed a little tired and spent a shocking amount of time literally sitting on the stage. However, we heard some of our favorite Ariana Grande songs and it was a blast doing something special with my sister! Can't wait to plan something like this again. Perhaps the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC?!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your sister :)
    I have to admit I don't really know music by Ariane Grande... *wonders if she lives under a rock or is just plain old*


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