Swatch: Sally Hansen - Dabbler

Can I just say, Sally Hansen is quickly turning into one of my favorite brands? Does anyone else agree? The formula is amazing and the dry time doesn't leave me sitting on the couch watching the third episode of Gilmore Girls in a row just because my nails are still wet. Wait, I'd watch the third episode even if my nails are dry. Anyway, I picked up two Sally Hansen polishes when I was in Target the other day and they were EXACTLY what I was looking for. Below are some swatch photos of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in the color, Dabbler.
This color is pretty Perhaps we have a bridesmaid gown color on our hands here. Haha, ON our HANDS. Lol, pun intended! Thoughts on this color? Do you like Sally Hansen?


  1. Love that blue! I recently made myself a bottle of polish that color-ish!

    I haven't done much with Sally Hansen polishes. Granted I tend to reach for the gimmicky ones, but I haven't had good luck with them. I really should take a couple traditional ones for a test drive though, it's been ages!

  2. Cute color! Over here Sally Hansen is not easily found and quite expensive so I only have one or two but I definitely like them :)


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