Gotta Catch 'Em All!

I think I already know the answer to the following but I'm going to ask it anyway....Do you play Pokemon Go? It took me way too long to hear about it and even longer to figure out what exactly it was. There are people falling off cliffs, walking into animal enclosures, and trespassing to catch a pokemon. For real?? What is this game? I admit my sister and I really enjoyed playing Pokemon when we were younger and back when it was on Nintendo but damn, Pokemon Go is serious. I don't play it but almost my entire family does so I painted some pokemon-appropriate nails:
So there we go. Gotta catch 'em all! Just maybe be careful where you're walking while you do!!


  1. I think that's one of the best Pokeball manis I've seen to date! :D And yep, I'm playing it too. Responsibly! 0:)

  2. hey there! how are you dear? thank you so much for your love in my mailbox, it ment a lot in a difficoult time and it got me to post some news and maybe blog a bit again in the future. let's talk, xx


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