Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weekend Recap: A Visit to the Wedding Venue

This past Sunday we attended an open house and food tasting at our wedding venue. Can I just say...I adore our wedding venue. It's the perfect combination of special and luxury that I always think of when I picture a wedding. It has the most stunning staircase as soon as you walk in and then it has multiple different cocktail hour and reception rooms for you to choose from. I can't wait to share photos of the venue from our wedding day!
We're not doing gold for our wedding but how beautiful is that tablescape in the photo above? I almost reconsidered our choice to do silver instead of gold.

Let's be real though. The decor was nice and it was great to see all the different color schemes and possibilities. However, we were most interested in the fooooood. And man was there a lot of it! Including a seafood bar. Okay, mini crab cakes and scallops (not so mini) are a MUST have for the wedding but I think I'll do without the lobster. The lobster was good, but it was just okay. 
And what would a venue open house be without cake, cake and more cake? We met both the in-house bakers as well as a few venue-preferred bakeries. How cute is this little cake??
The in-house bakers had huge sample cakes, including all different flavors. My favorites were the raspberry marble, vanilla pound, and chocolate marble. So delicious! How will we choose when it comes time to design our wedding cake?!

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