31 Week Nail Art Challenge - Week 8: Metallic

Here we go with another week's post toward the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge! This week's challenge is Week 8, or Metallic Nail Art. I started to panic at first because I didn't think I had any metallic polishes whatsoever other than the blue magnet one (Magnetic Force by Color Club in Electro-midnight) that I had already posted on here. So I couldn't reuse that...obvi! Then it dawned on me that I have an old polish pair from a few Halloweens ago that was called Mirror Image from Maybelline. If you want more information on the polish itself, check this video out:
I've had this mirror image duo for a really long time and I know I've used it before but oddly enough none of the designs have made it onto this blog (so weird) or onto my camera (even weirder). I think this polish is really cool though and, although it doesn't look like a mirror (like the woman says in her video), it definitely qualifies as a metallic in my mind. To add some pizzazz to it, I added some stamping with BundleMonster Plate 222 in Zoya Mira. I wish I would have used black to stamp with or a thicker stamp design because the purple doesn't really show up that much and isn't really doing it for me. Eh, well maybe I like that the purple is just a hint of color that adds to but doesn't overshadow the metallic. The metallic is the focus of this week's challenge anyway! Here are my nails:
I think the Mirror Image polish is really cool. I know in the video I included in this post the lady doesn't end up being pleased with it because it's not a mirror. I never really expected it to dry and look like a mirror. I expected it to be a really shiny metallic, which is exactly what you get so I like it.
And the stamping I added to just bedazzle it a little bit:

Be sure to pop over to NailsNoob and see what Ghila has come up with for her metallic design!
Up next, Week 9 - Rainbow!

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