Happy 27th Birthday Steph!

Back-dating a post...shame on me! But in my defense, my sister's birthday was October 15th and these were how my nails were on that day so really I can't post it for any other day =) I didn't really have any overly awesome birthday nails in mind for Steph's birthday because she wasn't turning a milestone (like 21...or 50) and she also wasn't celebrating anywhere fantastic (like she did for her 23rd birthday in Disney). So what's a girl to do? Match her nails to the wrapping paper of course! I had wrapped her presents in a really pretty green solid and then added some sparkle with wrapping paper and it turned out to be a cute nail design too:

A very happy birthday to my older sister who is turning 27 today and maybe just maybe might be buying a house for herself (with her fiance of course) as a birthday present. That seems like a pretty stellar way to celebrate being 27 to meee!

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  1. what a unique idea! very fun and neat design and a fun color


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