Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Toetally Tuesday - Princess Sparkles

For today's Toetally Tuesday post I have a polish that can only be described as "Princess Sparkles" because of how sweet and sparkly it is. I used China Glaze Tarty for the Party as a base and then Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond on top to add some sparkle. Love it!
 I also did it on my nails. This is what kills me about photos though...I can never get consistent lighting. My toes look very pink and my hands look very olive-y.

And going off the fact that my dinner recently stole the show in my gradient post and the polka dot cup from above is in this photo too, please enjoy another dinner photo with the polka dot cup. My sweets (boyfriend) came over this weekend and we made delicious lasagna. Oh yes, I'm a chef!! Just kidding. We cheated by using oven-ready lasagna sheets (rather than boiling them ourselves) and by using canned tomato gravy instead of making our own from scratch. My poor Italian mother must be mashing her keyboard at reading this and hearing that I used canned sauce. I know mom, but I only did it because nothing can rival your gravy! 

Also, one last thing, some serious shout out blog love to one of my newest "followers" Dujour Whitespawn. Her blog is Nails Noob (although she has other blogs too) and you need to check it out right now!! She was my 100th follower so she triggered my 100 Follower Giveaway which will be posted TOMORROWWWWW!!

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  1. awwwwwwww i totally didn't expect this and it is soooooooooooo sweet, thank you my dear, depply, i am so excited to be your 100 follower and i hope we'll become friends, you seem too cool. thanks soo much for the shout out, my name is ghila, nice to meet you btw. congrats on the lasagne, they look yummy and the cups are fun. i love to cook to and i am italian and use pre cooked pasta sheets too so keep calm and let's share recipes ;) i love the combo u did on your nails so much that i think it should be a unique nail lacquer shade. big hugs


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