Toetally Tuesday: Over the Moon

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will remember back to when I introduced my Toetally Tuesday pedicure posts (see some of them here, here, here, here and here, or just check out the label "Toetally Tuesday"). Before I started painting my nails consistently I always always always (need I say it again?) always had my toenails painted. Partly it was because unpainted toes freak me out more than unpolished fingernail and partly it was because I lacked ambidexterity and so it was always easier to paint design on my piggytoes. Regardless, they still are always painted but I forget to post them on my blog. Toes don't get any love now do they?! As the first post in my reinstated Toetally Tuesday posts, I wanted to share yet another gorgeous Color Club holo I recently bought: Over the Moon. The polish is perfectly named because I am over the moon with the holo effect. Looove :)

Caution: TOES BELOW!


  1. toetally..hahaha!!! your feet pics are among the very fewest that i like and don't make me feel sick.

  2. Haha, thanks girl! I'm glad my feet don't make people nauseous! Although, that color is gorgeous enough to make even the worst toes look dazzling!

  3. Pretty... and not to freak you out, to much, I have no polish on my toes. I used to paint them all the time but now that I've become super lazy about doing it myself I can't ever talk anyone else into painting them for me. I mean what is family for, other than painting your toe nails?

    1. AHHHH! Girl you need to fix that STAT! Haha. And family is totally for painting nails (and allowing you to try multiple colors)!


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