Toetally Tuesday - Jaded and Shattered

Back-dating a post again, Nikki?? This is getting out of hand! For today's Toetally Tuesday (which is really being posted on a Wednesday yet again) I have some news. I'm off looking for a new job because the old one only has late night hours available (which is is 9pm to 4am) and I applied to a bunch of places today. My late night work schedule is kind of my excuse why I've been absent and scatterbrained here on the blog lately. There's so much I have listed that I want to get to on this blog but I just haven't yet so I've decided no more with the excuses. I have a lot of things I've said I would do that I haven't gotten around to yet and it all stops now. Game on! :D Just kidding, this was sounding a lot like a pep talk. Anyway, the reason I'm bringing up this post is that while I went job hunting the weather was actually nice and when the weather is nice people sport flip flops. One of my favorite things to do is notice if people's toes are painted. If you know my opinion on toe polish you know I say "there's no excuse for unpolished piggies." I get that some people can't paint their finger nails but still, toe nails are easy and I think they should always have a color. So, consistent with are today's Toetally Tuesday tootsies.
I used OPI Black Shatter (original name right?) over Love & Beauty Jade (which I just swatched last post). I really love that I finally got my hands on some black shatter. I have so many colorful polishes I am dying to use as bases under the black shatter. Anyone opposed to a month long homage to shattered nails? Ok, that might be overkill. Just consider yourself warned that it may or may not happen! Ha.

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