Nails of November #4: Polish for Charity

As I posted previously on October 24th, Clinique and the Happy Hearts Fund partnered up to bring polish lovers everywhere a gorgeous pink polish for a good case. With each purchase, $5 would be given to the Happy Hearts Fund, a fund created to help children who are victims of natural disasters. I posted about the polish to try to spread awareness and get my fellow polish hoarders to pick up some polish for a good price AND a good cause! And don't worry, I got one too!

It's a beautiful and cheerful pink and it totally fits it's name, "Happy", since you will smile every time you check out your nails throughout the day. The packaging was adorable too.
Also, I GOT A NEW COMPUTER!!! So, naturally I had to test out the new built-in webcam.

Not sure I'll use it for my design and close up pics because it's a little fuzzy(?). But I'm thrilled and I'm loving the new computer!

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