NAILS OF NOVEMBER Post #1 - Swatch: Sinful Colors Blue By You

To make up for the fact that I have posted only sporadically for basically the whole of the year 2013...I'm going to really try to post every other day during the month of November. Let's call this "Nails of November" shall we? To kick off this little blog-event, I have a new swatch post!I haven't done a swatch post of Sinful Colors "Blue By You" and I have no idea why I haven't grabbed this polish more often because it's absolutely GORGE! I'm serious. If you don't own it go out and buy it....right now. Get yo shoes and wallet and peddle those perfectly polished feet right out the door to get your manicured hands on this baby. (Too much??) Anyway, this polish is a luxe cobalt blue that seriously will distract you all day long because it has shimmering flecks of aquamarine. Like Edward Cullen in the daylight, this little polish packs a punch and sparkles in the sunlight. It ALMOST reminds me of a holographic polish but it's not quite at that level. I only own a few Sinful Colors I love the Sinful Colors brand because it's super cheap and the formula is usually pigmented enough that it becomes opaque (but not thick or blotchy) in 2 coats. To be safe, I applied 3 because I'm like that (ya know?) but I definitely could have called it after 2 and it would've looked perfection.  As you guys know I absolutely LOVE any and every blue polish so I was very excited to try out this one. 
It's gel-icious and the flecks are to die for. I <3 this polish.
For some reason this polish makes me think of the song that goes
"I don't think you're ready for this jelly. I don't think you're ready for this jelly..." 
Anyone else??

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