Pampering? Me? Yes, please.

Yesterday, my sister and I went on our first little adventure of 2012:  to Tommie Salon in Philadelphia for massages. I had never had an actual masseuse so the experience was completely new. It was originally for Steph's birthday (which was back in October) but she waited for me to come home from school so we could go together. We both work as waitresses and who knew how much tension could form from carrying all those trays?! I think we'll have to make this a yearly ritual. It was so relaxing and I loved being pampered (what am I saying? Of course I love being pampered--that's why I do my nails all the time).

So anyway, nails for today are a swatch of Ulta Professionals' Cocktail Waitress. I thought it fit since...the massage definitely relieved a lot of stress that was knotting up my back muscles from being a waitress.

I can't say I'm in love with the application. The biggest problem with Ulta brushes, in my opinion of course, is that they're awkward to hold onto. You know what I'm saying? I'm sure you have that one polish that just feels awkward in your hand. That's what I'm talking about. The brush is a big rectangle and then the actual bristles are so tiny. The color was nice though. Applied pretty evenly and dried decently quickly. I'm sure this is a dupe for another color though. Hmm, perhaps I'll see if I have a dupe for it!

I really need to improve my photo taking abilities.

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