Swatch: OPI Italian Love Affair

I'm up at 4:30 AM this morning because apparently I am still on Italy time but that is perfectly fine because it gave me the opportunity to post a swatch here on the blog! This is possibly the most animated pink I have ever used and the name is so perfect to kick off a stream of posts about all things Italy.
I mean, look at that color! It was so pigmented from the get go and I think it is so fun for summer. Okay, I know summer is over but whatever. Some reviews only call it a sheer polish but my photos are unaltered and it definitely wasn't sheer to me. These photos were taken with flash.
I think the color is almost *too* vibrant for my skin-tone which is a bummer because I like it so much. I think I will definitely use it for pedicures though.
It reminds of candy....or Hubba Bubba bubble gum. Do you know it?
I also took a photo in natural light because I wanted to see if it would be as vibrant. It is definitely still vibrant!
You lose some of the pearlescence that shows in the photos I took with flash but it's still bubble-gummy to me. I love it.

And speaking of's named Italian Love Affair, which is a perfect jumping off point for what became my two week love affair with Italy in the beginning of September. I am preparing some recap posts and I cannot wait to share!

So what do you think about OPI Italian Love Affair? Too vibrant? 

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