Weekly Round Up: Food and Fitness

So let's get into the first Weekly Round Up. Some food highlights for the week:

Monday. I made a point to actually wake up early on Monday and fix myself a proper breakfast. It ended up being too much food (I ate less for lunch because I wasn't that hungry) so the southwestern style egg with avocado and yogurt was a filling and delicious start to my week.
Tuesday's dinner was something new. I learned that cinnamon and chicken is best left...in separate dishes. We tried a sheet pan dinner with cinnamon-seasoned chicken, sweet potato, apple, red onion, and brussels sprouts. It reminded me of fall so maybe the dish would have been better if I was eating it September, October, or November. I did learn one thing though--brussels sprouts are delicious! I have been missing out!
Mmmm brussels sprouts..

Wednesday's lunch was a tuna salad stuffed avocado. It was delicious! I LOVE avocado and I would eat it with literally anything but the tuna salad stuffing was scrumptious.
Thursday I made some delicious peanut butter granola bites. They were made with only 5 ingredients (Quaker Oats, prepackaged granola, peanut butter, honey, and a bit of chocolate chips) and required literally no baking/cooking...so they were so easy to whip up in no time at all. These make the perfect breakfast, pre- or post-workout treat, or on-the-go bite and I plan on keeping these on hand constantly to fuel my snacking addiction.

Friday was some pork, red potatoes, and green bean dish. Pretty standard and a good go to.
Workouts were a little less exciting this week...I only did three. On Tuesday I did a 30 minute vinyasa yoga flow followed by the Cha Cha Slide plank challenge. That was much harder than you'd anticipate! On Thursday I did a quick 30 minute run. This morning I did an hour's worth of yoga and now I'm sitting here thinking to myself girrrl you're going to have to do better than that! No excuses but I hate going to the gym this time of year because then I don't get home until late and all the parking spaces are taken at my apartment complex. I literally cannot wait for the weather get nice again so I can just run outside.

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