Weekly Recap: Food + Fitness

Let's just say last week's food and fitness wasn't recapped because it was my husband's birthday and...well, birthday cake. And birthday french fries. And birthday cheesecake. And birthday macarons. And birthday Cheesecake Factory. And well, you get the picture. Suffice it to say there was an overwhelming amount of food and an underwhelming amount of fitness.

Luckily, this week was better. Sort of. If  you count getting back on the wagon Wednesday night as being back on the wagon. Oh well. I was out and about most of the week because one of my cases started trial and the partner I work for was handling that so I handled the other appearances throughout the week. That being said, there some tasty eats this week!

For example, this parmesan garlic chicken with brussels sprouts:
It was a new recipe I tried from Delish.com, one of my go-to websites for food inspiration, and it was very "delish" indeed!

Other food throughout the week included a really delicious yogurt drink from Lush. I had never had it before but I figured you can't go wrong with strawberry and raspberry. It was so tasty and its also made from a dairy in Georgia that uses only grass-fed cows for the milk. It tasted just like my favorite Strawberry & Creme Frap that I used to get from Starbucks so it was really satisfying but only had 230 calories in it.
I also enjoyed Fawen Cauliflower & Broccoli soup with turmeric. I stumbled across it when I was in the soup aisle a few weeks ago and was intrigued by their bottled hot or cold "grab and go" capability. Naturally, I brought one with me on a court day and drank it cold. It was really tasty and the perfect lunch while I was driving down the turnpike. Then I used the second one to try warmed up in a proper bowl. It was also good--although--it's not the most beautiful soup you'll ever eat. Maybe that's why it comes in a non-see-through package! Lol.

Three days of workouts is not so bad, right?? Lol. I did some sprint splits on the treadmill on Wednesday night, which resulted in both my arms and legs being sore yesterday...and today. Am I the only freak who loves the feeling of soreness? Probably. Anyway, Husband joined me on Wednesday and I sneakily took this stunning photo of him on the stair climber machine. He would kill me if he knew I took it...oh well, #bloggergonnablog!
I did a little (emphasis on little) rowing too. My gym just recently got this machine and I'm slowly becoming obsessed with it. It reminds me of when I saw The Notebook and decided I wanted a house on a lake so that I could row every morning. Lol at that dream. Maybe one day! I like rowing because I CAN REALLY FEEL IT.

Thursday was gorgeous out--it made it past 60 degrees! Husband and I took advantage of the fantastic weather and took a brisk walk outside. Can I just say how nice it was to be able to open the windows and screen door again? I can't wait for it to be nice like that all the time. But of course, today is Friday, Good Friday in fact, and alas it is rainy. As I type this I'm watching the rain fall. Tonight feels like a 50 minute cycle kind of night.

So, how was your week? Did you have any good food? How about good fitness?

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