Nor'easter Day in Court

Guys, have you ever had that moment where something happens and you just pause and think to yourself really?? It's story time.

I had to go to court this morning for an oral argument in one of my cases. We were supposed to be getting rain and the coastal areas were getting snow. I prepared my papers, grabbed my notes, and put them in my bag. Since it was supposed to rain I grabbed my rain coat but decided to just leave my pumps on rather than switch to rain boots. As I was driving to the courthouse (about an hour north) the rain had switched to straight up blizzard snow. By the time I got to the courthouse the parking situation looked like this:
So much for rain, right? Ugh! And I didn't have rain boots or snow boots. Just a flimsy rain coat. I walk toward the building, trampling through the slush and snow in my not-at-all-weather-appropriate pumps. My feet are getting soaked, I'm holding my hood up because the wind gusts were massive, and I make it to the entrance of the court where there is an overhang. Phew I thought to myself I made it. As I pass under the overhang I hear *thump* and I feel snow hit my back.Thank goodness my hood was up right? Wrong. The snow not only hit my FELL IN MY PURSE. Literally, right into my purse and, of course, right onto my papers:
Since I was still outside I couldn't really do anything about it so I hustle the rest of the way into the building, go through security, and then briskly walk to the closest surface so I can whip everything out of my bag. Thank god this particular bag (and the wallet and make up pouch inside it) is all made of water resistant saffiano leather so at least the bag was fine...but those were my notes and papers for the argument! I panic. What if the ink blurs because it got wet and I can't read it anymore?! Not too mention I'm going to look so stupid in front of the judge with water splotches all over my papers! I hurriedly rip out all the wet pages and re-scribble my notes onto dryer sheets of paper. Crisis averted.

But seriously though? It was one of those moments where had I been two seconds faster OR two seconds slower I would have had no issue. But nope, that's just my luck! I text my husband about my run in with the snow and he's too good to me because he surprised me with my favorite cookie. I was so glad to get home. The court ended up closing at 3 due to the weather conditions so luckily we were able to complete our arguments but driving home in the snow was not fun.

Anyone else have funny snow stories?? Or these "seriously?" moments?

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  1. Ouch, if I were in your place I don't know if I would have the sense to copy everything. I would probably freak out and be useless. Smart you!


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