Honeymoon Tour: London - Day Two

On our second full day in London we decided to visit Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and end the day with a showing of the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. We walked to Buckingham Palace because it was only 10 minutes or so from our hotel. Honestly, it was a very pleasant walk and the weather was really nice. We didn't see the changing of the guards because it was every other day (and not on the day we were there) but we did get tickets to tour the palace so...that was awesome. We spent most of the day going through the palace. 
And here we are in front of the gates surrounding Buckingham Palace.
Fun fact for you: You are 100% not allowed to take ANY photographs inside Buckingham Palace. No exceptions. If you are caught with a phone out you are told by employees of "the household" to put your phone away. If you have your camera out they make you put it away. It was insane. I'm a rebel though and figured this is the only time I will ever get to tour Buckingham Palace so I am taking a picture! So I snapped this photo of the interior courtyard. (It's essentially the interior of the wing seen in the photo above).
I was caught though and the woman just shook her head at me. Obviously, she's seen people sneak a photo or two. I never took another photo even though I desperately wanted to in the throne room. In case you don't know, the throne room is seen in Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding photos. For example, here:
I STOOD RIGHT THERE! I LITERALLY STOOD WHERE THEY ARE POSED. Even though it happened weeks ago I am still over here hyperventilating about that. The throne room really does look like that. I had trouble containing my excitement. I also learned that they have a virtual tour of the palace which is really neat. I recommend using your phone for the virtual tour because it's interactive and you can spin your phone around and see the whole room.

Although we couldn't take photos of the palace interior we were allowed to take as many photos as we wanted outside. We saw where all of Her Majesty The Queen's garden parties are held. Can I pleeeeease get invited to one of those? Lol. 
I'll just be in the back yard. Lol.

Of course they had a gift shop and we had to walk around it and see all the goodies. I was even able to try on one of those fuzzy black hats! I'm ready to guard the Queen now!

After Buckingham Palace we went to Kensington Palace, which is about 15 minutes away by cab. We didn't have tickets to do a tour so we planned to return the following day. However, we could walk around the grounds and stuff so naturally I took some photos.
Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed with the overall look of Kensington Palace. I guess I was expecting so much more after seeing Buckingham Palace but Kensington Palace looked like it was in disrepair (I'm sure it's not) and it did not look like a royal residence at all. Still, I'd move in any time... Haha. We even saw the Prince Diana Garden, which had been replanted with all white flowers to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her passing.
We walked around outside of the palace and stumbled upon Kensington Palace Gardens, which ended up being the coolest street ever. It was closed to public cars (but not pedestrians) and had security at both ends. We quickly learned the street was home to various embassies, uber-wealthy individuals, and even Saudi royalty. I later googled the street and found it referred to as the "Boulevard of Billionaires." I stood on the street for a little too long (no photographs allowed) and then we continued on our way back to the hotel. We walked down the most expensive street in London. Imagine that. Nice. Can I move in??

We later went to see theThe Lion King. The show was absolutely fantastic. Sure, we could see The Lion King on Broadway in New York but it was really cool to see it in another country. 

Such attractive photos, right? Lol.

Join me next time for Day Three of our honeymoon adventure in London! And in case you missed anything that came before it:


  1. Wow a honeymoon TOUR, that is epic! What a great idea and think of all the experiences together! I love London, its awesome, huh?! And the Lion King, that is so cool! I want to see that oneday :) I hope you have an amazing time!

    1. Hahaha, I couldn't think of a better way to describe it so I went with Honeymoon Tour! We're back home now and I am having so much fun reliving it while I write these posts. London was amazing and I hope I get to go back someday! Now it's time to plan the next adventure!

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