'Tis the Holiday Season: My Wishlist

Now that Halloween is over and we are well on our way in the second week of November it is officially HOLIDAY SEASON and I guess it's time to start thinking about....gifts! To be honest, I already have all my family's gifts planned out so I already feel super accomplished. I'll be sure to avoid the holiday-crazed mall this year. In addition to my gift list for my nearest and dearest I like to keep a running wishlist of items so I can choose a holiday treat for myself, too. Is that totally selfish or just a tiny bit selfish? A girl has a right to treat herself to something nice once in a while, right??  Keep reading for my current wishlist! Who knows, maybe it will inspire a gift idea for someone you know!

Main Image - Madewell 'The Transport' Leather Tote"The Transport" Leather Tote by Madewell. $168

I know, I am so late to this party. If you follow literally any amount of fashion bloggers or fashion instagrams you probably ran across this beauty at some point a long time ago. I'm a little slower on the draw and just recently found it. I really like the quality of the bag and I actually really do need a camel colored bag (all my bags are gray or black apparently). The price point is a bit higher than I would hope (which is why I have not yet made the decision to buy it) but it's not completely outrageous compared to other bags. *cough*Chanel Classic Flap*cough*

The Necole Pump from Mix No. 6 (DSW) $34.98 (on sale!)
Necole Pump
I must be in a brown/tan mood right now because the next item is also partly tan. I really like these pumps and I think I could get a lot of use out of them for work. How good would they look with black pants and a tan sweater with a long necklace? I have to admit though, I am the worst at buying shoes. I buy a bazillion pairs of black flats and wear the same five pairs of boots into the ground before replacing them. I always see cute pumps and heels when I shop online but I can never bring myself to actually add them to my cart. Why? I guess it's because I always think to myself hmmm, maybe that's better in theory than actual practice and I convince myself I will not wear them enough to make it worth it.

There are also a few Pandora Charms I have my eye on! ($50-$95)
In reality, I have two Pandora bracelets. However, one was given to me by my now husband and he had already filled it with some charms that made it like really nice so I don't add to that one because it would make it off balance. My second bracelet is the one that I'm building, although I only have like...four charms on it so it's a slow process. I really want to add one for the wedding this year and I like both of the options above. I like the "Our Special Day Charm" because it's a wedding dress with a similar neckline to mine. The "Wedding Heart Charm" is also super cute but I'm not sure I like that it says "just married" on it. Although we are just married now, this is a charm that will be around for a while--so I'm not sure I'll like the "just married" when we've been married 10 years. Who knows. My favorite one was the "Romantic Union" one which was two gold rings on a pillow but it looks like that one has been discontinued. Bummer!

Speaking of jewelry--the Forward Y Necklace from Swarovski ($129) is super cute too.  I love a good long necklace! I also think it would look really nice with the bracelet my sister gave me for the wedding.

KitchenAid Mixer ($386.99 on sale!)
Image result for kitchenaid
I'm sure this doesn't surprise you since I love to cook and to eat. We don't have one of these yet and I have been dying to buy one for so long! Perhaps this is the year!

And lastly, nail polish of course! I love OPI's Iceland collection and would love to pick up a few new polishes. I love Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots, Aurora Berry-alis, Icelanded a Bottle of OPI, and Turn on the Northern Lights! They're all
Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots - Nail Lacquer - OPIAurora Berry-alis - Nail Lacquer - OPIIcelanded a Bottle of OPI - Nail Lacquer - OPITurn On the Northern Lights! - Nail Lacquer - OPI
Are there things on your wishlist??


  1. Ohhhh... that bag! I want it... I definitely want it! And those shoes to go with it too :)
    And please, do get that KitchenAid, you're going to love it. I got mine about five or six years ago and it's on my worktop all the time. Nope, not putting it in a cupboard because this way I use it at least once a week and I won't have to go through the trouble of getting it out of an impossible-to-reach place and grabbing a handheld device that isn't as nice to work with instead.

    1. I know! I feel like I can't buy the bag without the shoes (or the shoes without the bag)! And I knowwww I am thinking we should definitely spend some of our wedding money (or I guess I should say "Wedding Shower" money) on the KitchenAid. We just want to hold off until we have a house....fat chance that will happen anytime soon though. Ugh!


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