Trendy Oh So Trendy Thin Border Nails

Just a quick post because I'm about to leave for the gym in a couple minutes but I wanted to photograph this manicure in case it gets ruined during my workout. You know those treadmills and machines fight back! Do you remember when thin border nails were THE TREND for manicures? Yes, back in 2012 or so. I never really got into it and last time I tried it I ended up turning the design into ninjas. Today I decided to give it another go:
I chose Essie Vested Interest for the base and then used Ink Nail Art Silver (NA16) to line the edges. It's like eyeliner for your nails. So what do you think? Should we leave this trend back in 2012 or give it another shot?


  1. Thanks for your comment Dina! I agree, this design is such a blast from the past! I kinda like it though...maybe I'll do more.


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