31 Week Nail Art Challenge - Week 27: Inspired By Artwork

Today's post is another post in the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge. We're up to Week 27, or nails inspired by artwork so I used "Blue Poles: Number 11, 1952" by Jackson Pollock as my inspiration and came up with this manicure.
Blue Poles: Number 11, 1952 looks like this: 
Jackson Pollock has always fascinated me because his work looks like pure chaos but at the same time I like looking at it. And if Jackson Pollock isn't your style, here's a photo of me with the Mona Lisa that we took at a sculpture garden recently. You could actually go behind the painting and see what the Mona Lisa (whoever she actually is) looked like beyond what you could see in the picture. It was a 3D Monda Lisa!
Next up: Week 28, Inspired By a Flag. We're almost finished everyone!!


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