Peace for the World. Peace for Paris.

NOTE: This post is not going to be my typical upbeat happy post with nail pictures. It will have nail pictures but the inspration is bigger and different than my standard manicure. 

In 2001, when I was eleven years old, the September 11th terrorist attack occurred in New York. I remember the day clearly but I know that I didn't realize at the time what exactly the attack meant, couldn't appreciate the full extent of lives lost, or recognize the tragedy that swept America and the supporting world. Fast forward fourteen years and I find myself again glued to news updates reporting on yet another terrorist attack forged against a country much like my own. I am no less stunned than I was as an eleven year old in 2001. First there was a suicide bombing in Beirut. Then there was larger scale terror attack in Paris, France.
I have always been intrigued by the French ever since I selected "Chloe" as my french name in my high school French class. I dream of traveling there and experiencing the culture, visiting the landmarks I've seen over and over again, sampling the french food, and being part of something different. I've always felt that America is my country but Paris is my hometown. To see the tragedy that befell Paris, the second terrorist action in less than one year, I am immensely saddened. This time I can fully realize what the attack means, I can appreciate the extent of innocent lives stolen, and I can recognize the tragedy that is sweeping Paris. I am a supporter of Paris and I stand with America and with Paris. I support Peace for Paris, and even more I support Peace for the World. Nations upon nations have shown support for Paris, illuminating landmarks with the blue, white, and red. These include Shanghai's Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Toronto's CN Tower, New York's One World Trade Center, and Sydney's Opera House. I don't have a landmark to project the colors on but I do have my nails...and they will have to do. 

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