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Today's post is a photo of my "Bachelorette Bash" manicure that I wore to the bachelorette party I and the bridesmaids planned for my older sister. It's been a couple weeks but I liked these nails too much to not post. The night was relatively low key -- just a night out for dinner and then some drinks and dancing. It ended up being a lot of fun and my manicure was perfect for the occasion:

The inspiration for most of the manicure was the Bachelorette Corset cake we had made for Steph. Luckily, Steph's soon to be sister-in-law had a connection with a cake decorator (her mother-in-law) so it was perfect. And her mother-in-law was sweet enough to agree to do a cake for us for free! The cake was pink velvet (delicious!) and the icing was buttercream (of course!) I think it turned out spectacularly and Steph was blown away by it. It even said "Congrats Steph! Last fling before the ring." And just in case you are wondering like I was, the boobs are in fact cake instead of just mounds of icing. Then the other manicure inspirations were the countdown until the wedding (20 days!) and of course an engagement ring because, you know, it's a wedding and rings will be exchanged and all! 
Then came favors and such. I decided since it was a relatively small group of people to go all out on the favors and I purchased mini champagne bottles for everyone. To the bottles I attached a customized label and I tied a paper straw with either polka dots or stripes to the bottle with white tulle. The large champagne bottle in the middle was a bottle I bedazzled for Steph and had all the girls sign. The custom label just said "Pop the Bubbly before Steph gets her hubby" on the front and had a little poem on the back telling everyone who has twitter or instagram to hashtag "SingleToTingle" (Steph's soon to be last name)

I also made buttons for the "Bride's Entourage", "Maid of Honor", and "Bridesmaid." Everyone wore them as we went to dinner, drinks, and then out dancing and they were basically just overall awesome.

Lastly, the paper behind the buttons is the scavenger hunt I had everyone do. It included some crazy things like "take a photo of the bride kissing a bald guy's head"....which she did three times!

Of course we had to have wearable stuff for the bride so I also had a mini-veil and a BACHELORETTE sash for Steph to wear all night long. All in all it was a pretty fun night!

 If anyone would like a tutorial on how I made my nails, the customized mini-champagne labels, the bridal buttons, or the scavenger hunt just leave me a comment below or send me an email!

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  1. wow this entire posts series look to me like a dreamy movie! you really know how to plan themed parties and events you guys! i love all of the decorations, the games, posters, pins, and most of all the bottles! I will need to try corset nails, they look fun and quite easy. yours are spectacular spectacular!


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