Cruise Recap: Island Adventure - Falmouth, Jamaica

Today's post is another followup to my Cruise Recap series talking about specific places we visited. You can also read about the ship or our day in Haiti. Today we're up to Falmouth, Jamaica! I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say Jamaica was also gorgeous. We docked near some shopping but first Andrew and I went to Chukka Good Hope Estate, an incredible former sugar cane and rum plantation that now does citruses and accounts for a crazy percentage of America's citrus fruits!
The estate is a preserved plantation from like...the 1700s and encompasses 2,000 acres near the Martha Brae River. It had amazing views because it was on a mountain (hill?) and you could see forever. Can you get better than this view?
There was no air conditioning BUT you really didn't need it because the breeze just floated through the windows of the estate. It was incredibly comfortable and so interesting to hear the history of the place and the stories behind it. Google it if you are interested in learning more about it! It truly was breathtaking and fascinating.

The estate also had bird aviary you could walk through and the woman let Andrew and I feed some parrots and love birds! She also started singing Bob Marley....which was perfect for Jamaica obviously! She said something interesting to me though. She asked where we were from and then she said "You are the lucky ones. You get to travel. You are lucky enough." After thinking about it in my mind I thought she lives on this beautiful island, has such an amazing culture, she actually calls the place we want to travel to "home." So my response to her is "You live on a gorgeous island that I dream of visiting. You are lucky enough too." Am I right?

I couldn't get the parrot to eat from my hand but Andrew was basically the bird whisperer and the parrot had no issue taking the orange from his hand! That parrot was sexist! Jk. At least a lovebird enjoyed the food I had to offer. I named him Paul.
So from me and my new bird friend, 

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  1. awwwww you're so cute i can't even look at the bird!!!! this sounds just like my kind of adventure, love this kinda posts nikki!


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