Product Review: Brush Set from LadyQueen

Today's post is my second product review for the selection of products sent to me from After reviewing the extensive products on their website I decided to go with a brush set because, as everyone knows, nail art is only as good as the tools one has to use. With the right set of tools, the nail art possibilities are endless!

The brush set I chose was a 15 piece Nail Art Design Brush Set that includes so many nail art must-haves: fan brushes, flat brushes, dotting tools, liners, and a couple detail brushes too. Every brush (except for the fan brushes) comes protected in a clear sleeve so the bristles do not get damaged or bent in transit. Having this set enables you to get some really neat effects on the nail.

For example, the fan brushes allow you to stripe your nails in a matter of seconds. You can also use any of the lining brushes to draw really quick and perfectly straight lines for geometric shapes or zebra stripes or even a Burberry inspired design.

A close up of the brushes included are:

The brushes are all really good quality and are super easy to clean (all you need is to run some nail polish remover over it with a cotton ball). If you are interested in this brush set, it retails for less than $6! I plan on using these brushes all the time but for today, I chose to use the fan brushes to create a multicolored wave pattern on my nails:

Also, as I mentioned in my last post, LadyQueen agreed to give me and my readers a coupon code! For 15% off your total order, use the coupon code "GLLC15."

If you have any questions about these brushes, just ask me and I'll do my best to figure out the answer for you.

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