Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Professionalism Day Means...Hot Pink Nails!

Today at the law school was an event known as "Professionalism Day"...also known as "Dress up like a lawyer and sit through presentations day" where we all broke out our suits and heels and had a show. Of course, always being sure to show some personality, I had to do a nail design that screamed I may be a lawyer but I like to have fun, too. Hence, some hot pink stamping. They looked perfect with my black suit and weren't over the top enough to get odd looks from the partners and law school professors who shook my hand. Nice! Now it's back to law school work.

In other news, does anyone have a nail blog that I can check out/follow?! One of the main reasons for starting this blog, apart from the fact that it allowed me to keep a portfolio of all the designs I had tried, was the community that I found on blogger. There were so many nail bloggers just like me and I was thrilled to get feedback from them and comment on their designs. As I was going through the list of blogs that Ihave followed for the past 3 years (since the beginning of Nikki's Nail Files) I noticed that so many are apparently inactive (haven't posted in like 8+ months!). Now I'm looking for a whole lot of fresh, active, and new nail blogs to keep me entertained and inspired with their incredible nail designs. Please please please leave your information (blog name and URL) in my comments (or email me!) and tell me what you post on your blog (designs, swatches, tutorials, reviews, etc). Although I love all things polish related I do prefer to follow blogs that most frequently post designs not just swatch posts (although I post swatches too and I love those as well). Thanks everyone and, if anyone responds, I look forward to checking out the blogs!


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  2. Cool! I love the hot pink color. Good luck, future lawyer!


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